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Can IT entries by converted to Autocorrect? -- CathyG 2018-Apr-12
Can IT entries by converted to Autocorrect? -- CathyG 2018-Apr-12
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pain medication 1T3 ?? -- Pippy Socks 2013-Dec-05
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is it possible to type 2 1/2 and have the 1/2 move 1 space over -- met58 2013-May-19
moving autocorrect and macros from Word 2003 to Word 2007 -- met58 2013-Apr-24
numbering problem -- Linda0z 2013-Feb-06
numbering problem with multiple notes in one document, Word 2010 -- lava 2013-Feb-06
numbering problem -- Linda0z 2013-Feb-06
Word 2007 disappearing cursor -- dgmt 2013-Jan-21
Using Instant Text with Windows 7 -- Acrowell 2012-Sep-25
Macros -- Ronda 2011-Jan-25
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Error Message in Word 2002 -- pacawa 2012-Jun-19
missing symbols from Word 2002 -- met58 2012-Apr-29
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MS word 2003 bullet list - not sure what I did, on auto pilot -- darlene 2012-Mar-13
Numbered list in Word 2010 -- AG 2012-Mar-11
MS 2003 can figure out how to get this line out of text -- darlene 2012-Mar-10
downloading text to PDF file format from Word 2003 -- MSWord forum 2012-Mar-08
F5 and bookmarks -- ConnieS56 2012-Feb-25
Alternate way to start a new paragraph -- mmcrosbie 2012-Feb-19
Companies using Word? -- mtinsanity 2012-Feb-02
Linking to Word 2010 -- 2011-Sep-30
Repair made by MS Word -- Debra4432 2010-Mar-10
First letter of Shortcut remains at beginning of phrase -- Dolbey1914 2011-Jul-14
placeholders to jump to in a document -- nan 2010-May-20
Automatic bolding...can I turn this off somehow? -- utcarsons 2010-Nov-11
Strange problem -- RobertB 2010-Nov-06
Autocorrect 2007 to 2003 -- mangin 2010-Nov-01
Word 2003>2007 -- Abramsgrammy 2010-Oct-26
converting Word doc to an image -- Maro 2010-Oct-17
Word 2003 and Windows 7 taskbar -- JoanM 2010-Oct-08
Word 2010 normal.dotm corruption? -- KC MT 2010-Oct-03
Duplicate text within same document -- FLSonshine 2010-Sep-16
Phrases only by default -- pugers2 2010-Sep-12
Cannot link to Word Pad -- pugers2 2010-Sep-12
SpeedType not working properly in MS Word 2000 -- GracefulPeg 2010-Aug-28
My AutoText won't save entries I make into it from day to day! -- joanaroja 2010-Aug-27
When I type "n's" + enter, it expands to something weird -- joanaroja 2010-Aug-25
auto numbering in word 2007 with Vista -- nan 2010-Jul-16
Top Margin Flush w/ no white space -- WLVeith 2010-Jul-05
trying to make an underline -- nan 2010-May-20
At end of line... -- Lola 2010-May-12
Autocorrect still won't work...???? Word 2003 -- WLVeith 2010-Apr-27
Spell check function in Word 2007 doesn't seem to be working properly -- mmcrosbie 2010-Apr-16
trying to run IT with new platform, not linking right? -- kgap 2010-Apr-05
Hi, I see my question is gone? Did I do something wrong? (sm) -- cheshirecat 2010-Mar-16
Word 2007 help -- stuck 2010-Mar-15
Word 2007 help -- stuck 2010-Mar-15
Word 2007 / Smartype / Instant Text -- sajehill 2009-Sep-29
Word 2007 - How do I double indent paragraph? -- bertabel 2010-Mar-02
The expansions l for left and r for right have disappeared -- mmcrosbie 2010-Mar-01
Command Key to Jump to text in document -- sylvester 2010-Feb-26
Backspace/Cap entire word -- cooperlv 2010-Feb-23
Spellchecker? -- ValarieR 2010-Feb-22
Can Word 2003 save as a Word Perfect Document -- dbrown022859 2010-Feb-14
Good morning! My question is re: going from Word 2000 to 2007 -- cheshirecat 2010-Feb-12
Autocorrect -- osavage 2010-Jan-26
Shadow -- kgap 2010-Jan-25
Line Count -- Joe Will 2010-Jan-17 more...
Autocorrect and -- FarmerM 2010-Jan-07 more...
MS Word 2003 F8 to select to text to punctuation at end of sentence. -- Debbie 2009-Dec-08 more...
SOAP note indents -- Alfie 2009-Nov-10 more...
Word 2003 spell check problem -- SpellcheckStinks 2009-Oct-31 more...
When you can't restore autocorrect document in word -- jjhamilton 2009-Sep-14 more...
.xls attachment -- Lori Miller 2009-Oct-10 more...
Size of Word document -- happygal3 2009-Oct-08 more...
"flash forward"/macros -- Lori Miller 2009-Oct-07 more...
Margins bad when opening a Word '03 document in Word '02. -- medikal_ez 2009-Oct-01 more...
macro to alphabetize document -- met558 2009-Sep-30 more...
Word 2007 is installed, can Word 2003 also be installed on same PC -- ozgal 2009-Sep-27 more...
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