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by stuck 03/16/2010, 00:46:31 Reply   Forum

This doctor uses these complicated tables with test scores in them and it's 2 pages long, with Roman numerals, indentions, then letters, then numbers, etc., some within the table, some not. COMPLICATED!

When I insert this doozie into the top of the report (with the scores plugged in), it is all hunky dorey.

My trouble is when I cut and paste it to the end of the report (yes, he wants the identical thing, twice). Somehow the formatting changes and it's picking up some other numbering from somewhere else in the report.

My Roman numeral I is now III, and my numeric numbers 1-18 are now numbers 19 and on.

I've unchecked everything I can think of regarding formatting under the auto corrects and the formatting sections, and it's still doing it. I've spent nearly three hours on this and I know it's something so simple...scratching my head. My only other option is to completely redo this form template thing he's using. Thought I'd check here first.

Oh, it's Word 2007.



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