Command Key to Jump to text in document

by sylvester 02/26/2010, 13:31:51 Reply   Forum

Can someone help me figure this out. I had cntr+alt+? as a "jump" command in Word (2000) that would move my cursor to the next text in my document marked as "??". I had it and yesterday had some problems with my work's system trying to close out it kept asking me to replace or delete (can't remember) the "" - I kept telling it no, but it kept giving me same prompt, so I said yes and then it closed me out of the document and onto the next job. However, in doing so, I lost the above command/macro and a few of my autocorrects, but it kept most of my ACs - so not sure what happened, but I really need to get this back as all of my normal templates use this command to maneuver quickly throughout the document with this "jump" command back and I can't remember how to do it. Thanks!

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