Never answer yes to renaming the

Re: Command Key to Jump to text in document -- sylvester
by Cheryl Flanders 02/27/2010, 16:05:57 Reply Top Forum

You wipe out your with all of your customizations, keyboard shortcuts, and formatted AutoCorrect entries with a new file. If this ever happens again, answer no and close out Word. You should be able to reopen Word without any problems.

Do you have a backup of your that you can copy back to your hard drive? This would put you back in business in a matter of seconds.

If there is no backup, go to Windows Explorer and do a search for .dot files. Type *.dot in the search box. See if you have more than one file. You may get lucky and be able to tell the older file by the date and delete the new file.

As for your jump macro, you probably recorded the steps in Find & Replace and assigned a keyboard shortcut.

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