numbering problem with multiple notes in one document, Word 2010

by lava 02/06/2013, 17:35:43 Reply   Forum

I kind of forgot about this board until the question posted today hit my email :)
I recent upgraded to 2010 (from 2000).
I type for one client clinic notes in Word, anywhere from 10-20 per file. I paste in a Autocorrect (rather than a macro) for each note's "skeleton" that includes numbering for many headings.
In 2010 (didn't do this in 2000), in the second and subsequent notes, the numbering will pick up where it left off. Like if the first patient has 3 meds, the second note will start at #4 under meds. And then if that patient had 2 allergies, the second note will start at #3 under allergies.
I can right click and "restart numbering at 1." I don't like to just number and let it autoformat because I have to change the indent for the numbers...I probably need to find time to address this in my document template. But either way, it's a mouse click to have my numbers format correctly.
Any ideas on how to get them to restart at 1 each time without having to do it "by hand"?

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