Top Margin Flush w/ no white space

by WLVeith 07/05/2010, 19:02:59 Reply   Forum

MS Word is driving me crazy. I have no margin (white space) at the top of my page when I open a new document. This is visually hard for me to deal with and makes it harder to work in Word. It was there, now it is gone - typical Word. I have searched my book, MS Word for Healthcare Documentation, but cannot find an answer.
When I open a template w/ a right click it visually is perfect. When I open the same template to start a new document (left click) I have to start typing at the very border of the top of the page. I have tried changing the views, check my page set up, etc...
I have old documents that do not do this.
It seems like Word purposely builds in a bunch of aggravation to unnecessarily over complicate creating a basic document! I did a basic search on Google and found lots of people w/ the same problem but no answers.

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