Autocorrect still won't work...???? Word 2003

by WLVeith 04/27/2010, 20:36:22 Reply   Forum

I have tried everything previously posted. I have gone to other websites. I have a new computer and autocorrect will not save my entries. I transferred the MSO1033 file from old computer to new. About 75% of those entries are active. I have tried so many different things. I would even buy a word expander but it might not work either? Also, autocorrect allows formatted text which allows for bold HEADERS which is an important part of word expansion for me. Autotext seems to work fine. I was ready to start taking some MTWerk classes, but I think efficiency training will be futile w/o word expansion.
The whole point of a new computer was becoming more productive. I am at wits end and this is driving me crazy.
I did try the (Tools, Language, English (U.S)?

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