by ValarieR 02/22/2010, 22:36:57 Reply   Forum

I have always typed my reports directly into my hospital's program, Meditech. Since all the transcriptionists lost their (our) jobs due to being outsourced, today was the last day of typing for them. They have kept me on as editor, so I'll be working for them now on an hourly rate rather than getting paid for what I type (less money this way, but I feel very blessed to have a job and to have kept my excellent benefits and retirement).

That history aside, I just received a call from a local transcription company's owner, and I am going to type one of her accounts for her. Soooo..... I will be typing in MS Word 7. I used to use IT before Hurricane Gustav ate my old desktop and software, so I'll purchase that. I understand I can use IT both as an expander and a line counter, which will be helpful since I'll now be paid by the line.

However, I still need a spellchecker. Any ideas?

I have Word 7, Vista platform.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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