Well that explains it.

Re: Have you tried using the shortcut keys to see if they work? -- Cheryl Flanders
by Abramsgrammy 10/29/2010, 02:16:35 Reply Top Forum

They are there, I just can't see them! After my last posting, fool that I am, I decided to try running the macros with some of my shortcuts, as well with some of my IT entries, and sure enough, they ran like they should. That's when I realized they were actually there but just were not showing up in the box as they usually do. Whew...I was just absolutely dreading having to reassign all of those shortcuts. And as soon as I noted they were "probably" there but invisible to the naked eye, I decided to print them out in case I needed to have them handy should I need to reference them again (which is going to happen sooner than later).

What a nasty thing for MS to do and not tell us about. I have been beating myself up about this and searching the web for the last week trying to figure this one out, and all it took was just trying to run a macro with a keyboard shortcut while in a document. Picture me slapping my forehead!!!

Thanks, Cheryl, for your help. My coworkers and boss will be grateful as well.

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