Word 2003 spell check problem

by SpellcheckStinks ® 10/31/2009, 15:26:56 Reply   Forum

I hope you can help me. I have a few issues with Word 2003 and the program called ExText.

I will try to explain the problems I am having as clearly as I can.

First, I am an editor. So, most of my day includes downloading a job another person has typed and listening to the audio and comparing to the text the other person typed and make corrections.

The biggest is that some words, when the report comes across on my desk, won't show if they are spelled wrong and spell check will not catch them. However, because I am a QA, I have to provide feedback, so I do a copy before I edit it, paste it into a new document, and save that for later after I do my edit. When I copy the report from ExText Word 2003 into a regular document outside of word 2003, the word spelled wrong will show.

For instance, the other day, the other person spelled Novocaine as Novacaine, and in the document that the other person typed that came across on my desk, this word was not highlighted as spelled wrong, but when I paste it into the document outside of ExText, it did show wrong and alerted me. The problem with this is I do not always do a compare copy for the other person and am just editing it on my screen, and so I do not see this word is spelled wrong.

I also work on EditScript, which uses word 2003 also, but all errors correctly show there.

The other issue I have is I will add a word to my custom dictionary at beginning of a job, usually a spelling of a doctor’s name or something like that, and I click add to custom dic, and it appears to do it, then I could be in the same document, further down, and the name I just added will show as typed incorrectly, but I just added it, so it should not.

I have been googling this for eons, and this only happens in ExText, that I have been able to document.

I thought it might have something to do with the add-ons that load for ExText, for instance, ESP.wll, or dnthinwc.wll, but as soon as I remove them, they go right back.

I really have tried everything even setting language, uninstalling, reinstalling both word and ExText. If I ask for technical support, they come in my machine and basically reinstall everything and say it’s fixed, but it is never fixed.

Any ideas? Please?

I also find that adds I add to AutoCorrect don’t always stay. Yes, I have unchecked that box on ESP that says “disable autocorrect.”

Another person who works the same system as me has the same exact issue.

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