Word 2007 disappearing cursor

by dgmt 01/22/2013, 04:57:21 Reply   Forum

I hope someone can help me out there. I've been trying to find a solution to this problem and no one has an answer. I've tried my tech support, etc., and still no answers. I am using Word 2007. When I am typing I will have my cursor disappear usually after typing in all caps while putting in a heading and colon. The cursor disappears and you can't get it to go to the next line below the heading. I end up having to keep hitting the shift key to try to get it to unstick and using the mouse to make the cursor reappear on the page. This has slowed my productivity way down which I am sure I will hear about soon from my company. I'm using IT with it but this doesn't seem to be an issue as this happens while working and also when not working and just using Word 2007, so it is not happening due to my platform I am using and not while using IT. I simply give up!!

Please help if you have any suggestions to try.

Thank you so much.

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