File Arranging; Transcribing in Word

by equineluvr 07/23/2016, 14:14:20 Reply   Forum

In the past I used WordPerfect but am now typing exclusively in Word 2016 on a new PC. I need an efficient retrieval method for my countless macros (some are full reports).

I have Shorthand 10 as a trial, but it takes forever for longer entries to regurg onto the screen. I also have IT7 Pro but haven't used it yet.

Anyway, since most entries are rather long I thought it would make more sense to save each separately as an individual file, then retrieve said file into a "master" document for that date's work. Unfortunately, this involves a lot of ribbon clicking (Insert, Object, etc.) so I created a macro for this. However, the Macro doesn't work.

Is there a better way to call up saved normals and insert them? I'm at my wit's end. Thanks!

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