F5 and bookmarks

by ConnieS56 02/25/2012, 23:06:44 Reply   Forum

I use Word 2002 on a platform (MDinTouch/Touch Type 5). Up until a couple of weeks ago F5 would advance to my next bookmark. I'm not sure what I did, but now both F5 and CTRL+G bring up the "go to" dialogue box. Now I can't seem to find an option to go to just the "next" bookmark, but instead I have to choose the bookmark by its name. How do I get the generic "next bookmark" function back?

Until this happened I hadn't even realized my old template bookmarks were named at all. Now via the dialogue box I've discovered that all of the templates I use include named bookmarks. My templates are stored on my own computer and new ones are not downloaded from the platform unless I okay it. So I do know the template hasn't been changed. Help! and thanks in advance.

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