New habits -- a few suggestions.

Re: IT7 pro -- utcarsons
by Cheryl Flanders 12/08/2010, 15:57:47 Reply Top Forum

We usually need to learn new habits with any upgrade to our software.

Take advantage of command entries that will perform all needed keystrokes or keyboard shortcuts when editing, especially those awkward Ctrl/Shift/Alt key combos. Assign a double-letter short form on or near the home row for even faster editing. Don't waste keystrokes by turning bolding off after your expansion, add that command within your entry.

I had a command entry in IT V Pro to delete the two spaces at the end of a paragraph so those spaces would not be counted in my line count. The new version saves me those extra keystrokes. For the odd time you need to return to the end of the previous paragraph, a command entry with shortcuts to go up and add two spaces would work well.

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