SpeedType not working properly in MS Word 2000

by GracefulPeg 08/28/2010, 18:54:54 Reply   Forum

I just installed Microsoft Word 2000 on my comptuer. I use SpeedType as my expander. Since installing 2000 my expanded words intermittently expand incorrectly. For instance, when typing CHF, some times it will expand as "congestive eart failure", or "ongestive heart failure." If I were to type CHF ten times in a row, at least 4 to 5 of them would have the a missing letter.

This problem pretty much renders my Word 2000 useless. Fortunately I do have another program I can do my typing in, but I much prefer to type in Word.

Has anyone else experienced this sort of problem, and can offer any insight as to anything I might be able to do.

Thank you.

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