Autocorrect and

by FarmerM ® 01/08/2010, 02:42:44 Reply   Forum

I use AutoCorrect (AC) to save word strings as a few letters, as many of you do. Sometimes between typing one chart and the next they just stop working. Sometimes it works to reopen Word, sometimes I need to use the utility to restore them. Well, the day that works came and went.

Right now shorts only work if I delete So when Word is closed I delete Normal, open Word (MY ACentries then work) I do my typing, and close Word. Since there was no, Word now makes one. When I reopen Word AC does not have MY entries anymore.

They tell me that AC entries are stored in a .ACL file. I cannot find any .acl files on my PC but I am using Vista so I and not surprised.

Any suggestionsÉ

Thanks much

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