Margins bad when opening a Word '03 document in Word '02.

by medikal_ez 10/01/2009, 23:21:12 Reply   Forum

I use Word '03. When I send my work in to the woman I work for, she says that the margins are "off." When she sends them back to me for correction, the margins match the template she gave me. It only appears wrong on her end. We thought it may be the "view", but that was not it. I have searched and searched but cannot find anything that solves this particular issue. I have no idea what can be causing this, but I am sure open to suggestions. It may be something on her end that needs to be changed, but she says I am the only one this happens with so I tend to think it is something I can fix. She has to "correct" and paste each one of my documents so that it appears correct in her version of Word. I know this is time consuming for her and really would like to help. I hope someone here, with more Word experience than I have, could help.

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