downloading text to PDF file format from Word 2003

by MSWord forum 03/08/2012, 15:54:57 Reply   Forum

Hi Cheryl - I almost closing in to finally get to the end of the MT reference book and have a concern. When I google self publishing stuff, I note they want the book sent in or downloaded to their site in that format PDF I think that is the word.

My question is I am concerned the format and style of words etc from the internet and then converted to the format/font sizes, bold, unbold etc, will then revert back to the original downloaded formats from the internet.

For example, I can download things to a blank word file, convert it to the way I want it to appear, THEN I put on the clipboard and go to the individual alpha section to insert only to see some have converted right back to the "original"

If I don't hurry up, there will be no more MTs to even purchase my book, nope not kidding. What type of method did you use to locate your target audience. I'm concerned how the heck to find the MTs, not so easy since no longer hospital-based. I sure have benefitted from your "tip" saying much of your book was from questions asked on the boards. This is exactly what I did too. Invaluable look on the industry from many areas of the United States

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