Re: Are you creating AutoCorrect or AutoText entries -- Cheryl Flanders
by Ronda 01/26/2011, 19:54:26 Reply Top Forum

Hi, Cheryl.

I'm recording macros. For example, the document opens up at 100%, but I can't see that so I record a macro to zoom to 150% when I hit alt + the up arrow. Another one I like is putting a * in my document where I need to insert text. I can't use the field codes in IScriptor, so I use *. Then I record a macro to find the next * in the document. Another I use a lot is Paste Special. I need to copy and paste text, but I don't want the formatting from the original source, so I record a macro to Paste Special, Unformatted Text.

I do have a check in the box before "Prompt to save Normal template." However, Word doesn't ask me to save when I close out. Every time I open a window, I have to move it and resize it. It's as if none of my personal settings are being saved on this computer. It's becoming irritating because I have to create my macros every morning or learn to work without them. I've gotten smart, and a lot of my templates that I used to put into AutoText I'm now putting into ShortHand instead. These macros though are puzzling. I recorded them before, and they worked fine for me for years.

I hope that helps. I'm a little frustrated at this point! :)

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