Pick Commands

Pick Commands

A Pick command inside an expansion provides a mechanism to:

  1. Stop the expansion at the point where the Pick command is reached.

  2. Display several Pick List Items in the Phrase Advisory.

  3. Upon selecting and expanding a Pick List Item, the expansion automatically resumes.

Before describing the two different types of Pick commands offered by the Pick submenu of the Command Menu, let us first go through a simple use case.

Use case

Imagine you want to be able to select alternative colors in the middle of an expansion. The following example shows how to achieve this by inserting a Pick List command inside an expansion:

Short form Long form


{command}I want a {PickList}color{/PickList} car.

Let us now give a step by step description of how this entry can be expanded:

Note that if you don't find the color of your choice in the Pick List, for example pink, you can type it instead of selecting and expanding a Pick List Item. You can then issue a Resume command to continue the expansion.

Quick Pick command

The Quick Pick command enables you to display a Pick List with several alternative strings. Each alternative string should be entered on a single line of the Quick Pick Editor, in the order in which you want them to be displayed in the Phrase Advisory.

Pick List command

The Pick List command enables you to display a Pick List stored in the Pick List Glossary.

A Pick List in this case, is a set of entries of the Pick List Glossary that share the same Short form

Note that defining Pick List Items as entries of the Pick List Glossary enables to have Pick List Items with display forms and/or commands, which is not possible with the Quick Pick command.