by bonniean 03/13/2006, 08:48:35 Reply   Forum

I finally was able to use IT with this DOS program, MARS II, by installing the latest updates. Thank you so much that IT links to DOS programs. I'm really not sure what version of Word Perfect this system is running, but I was told it was Word Perfect.

The problem I am experiencing is that from the screen I am working in (transcribing a report), I cannot make any entries into IT. I have tried "highlighting" what I want for an IT entry, using Alt+ to bring up IT, but the screen is blank, and even using the command Control V, it will not paste into my IT glossary. If anyone is familiar with this DOS program, I would appreciate your help. Otherwise, I am going to have to look for other work because I cannot make a living without Instant Text. I am a longtime user!!

I can expand entries that are already in my glossary which I created for my radiology accounts, but not being able to create new entries for this very large hospital account will necessitate my either opening Word, typing everything the 2nd time, highlighting, unlinking IT to link to Word, copying and pasting. Then, IT is no longer a productivity tool.

Any help would be appreciated.

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