IT and WP 12?

by marji 01/04/2006, 16:36:10 Reply   Forum

'm having one of the worst days EVER! I just got a new computer, something I had been resisting doing for years, and it has WordPerfect 12 installed and Windows XP. My computer before, which I adored, had Windows 98 and WordPerfect 6.1, and everything worked beautifully! I just got done installing my good old InstantText, Version III, and I installed and ran all the revisions to bring it up to date. But... when I tried to link it to this new version of WP, there are no recognized applications!! Help!!! I'm not sure if I can install my good old WP6.1, but I'd gladly do it, if that's what it takes. If not that, then what should I do? thanks!

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