Numbered lists

by wanda 07/08/2005, 12:35:48 Reply   Forum

I have Windows ME. I am using WP 9. I just installed Instant Text V Pro last Thursday. My docs give a problem list and list of meds for each patient. Also, at the end of each patient we put "s01r02t02" which stands for seen, received, and typed. For the first three patients, the listing works and so does the srt. When I get to the fourth patient, the "s01r02t02" changes to S01r02t02" when I hit the spacebar. I have to go back and change the capital S to a small s and that continues until I am through transcribing for that doc. The numbered lists work properly.

Starting with the sixth patient, when I begin the problem list at 1. and hit the space bar to tab, that works, then I type the first word, say it is "Atrial." When I hit the space bar to make a space and then type "fibrillation," as soon as I hit the space bar, a capital "S" prints in front of "Atrial," and moves to the left and deletes the 1.
So now my list begins "SAtrial." Trying to correct it is very difficult. Has anyone else had this problem?

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