HELP! With WP51 and PRD

by ivymae9 03/12/2005, 13:21:30 Reply   Forum

Hello folks. New member, first-time poster wondering if anyone can
help me or direct me to someplace that can. I'm desperate!

I'm a transcriptionist. A new boss I'm working with wants me to run
WP5.1 in DOS with something called PRD. WP is working fine, but the
PRD will not work. If I try to open it from DOS, it opens and
immediately closes. If I open it from the shortcut within the WP51
folder, it opens but gives the message "Can't find ANGIE.PP2". The
boss says her copy says that too, but she can hit {ctl}{ctl} and still
run the program. Unlike hers, mine just terminates. ARGH! I'm so
frustrated. I tried messing with the configuration to no avail
(changed it back to it's original state afterwards) and also tried to
create an "ANGIE.PP2" file, but it still wouldn't work. Tried to
create the BAT file shortcut thing, but nothing.

Does this even make sense to anyone? I feel like my head is too deep
in it to even make sense.

Any WP51/PRD gurus out there?

Thanks so much in advance,

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