Help: Saving in WP 5.1 format

by Vic 11/06/2004, 14:26:51 Reply   Forum


My name is Janette Bryant and I am a recent graduate of a Medical Transcription school.

I recently got a job where they required me to have WP on my computer. So I immediately bought WordPerfect Productivity Pack 11 and it installed it in my computer. Unfortunately, It does not allow me to save my documents as WP 5.1 DOS.

Is there some place I can download a filter for my WP that would enable me to do this? If Not what other version should I get.

I am desperate ...I don't want to loose my job but at the same time I dont have a lot of money.

Any help you can give me would be great.

Thanks in Advance,
Janette I. Bryant

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