Sudden WP8 printing compatability problem

by Paul Solomon 11/09/2003, 15:07:04 Reply   Forum

Hi. My printer suddenly stopped printing anything past 1
1/2" from the righthand side of the page in all my
WordPerfect documents (old or new). Documents from all
other applications print fine, such as MSWord docs, HTML
pages, etc.

Whether the document calls for 3/4" margins, 1" margins,
or whatever, printing stops 1 1/2" from the edge of the
page and the information is just lost (that is, it doesn't
wrap to the next line.)

This occurs whether I try to print from WordPerfect [Suite
8 - a bit old], or whether I try to print the file
directly from Windows Explorer without opening it into

I've checked and reset all of the default setting (for
margins, paper size and set-up, etc.) in both WordPerfect
8 and the printer (a Canon S500 inkjet).

I've tried updating/reloading the printer driver. I've
tried using my Windows XP System Restore to go back to a
point before the problem appeared. I've tried installing
the WordPerfect8 service pack update. All innefective.

This problem happened once before, about 6 months ago!
After much agony, I corrected the problem that time,
although I couldn't tell exactly how I did it! That last
time, I tried to uninstall/reinstall WordPerfect, which
caused days of grief (the uninstall turned out to be only
very partial, leaving tons of stuff behind, and the
reinstall installed loads of "Copy of"s little bits of
WordPerfect). Needless to say, the uninstall/reinstall
didn't solve the problem last time, and I'd like to avoid
having to try that again this time.

I don't know what else to do, or what other approach I can
take to fix this problem. Please help!! Any and all
suggestions welcome! I just don't understand what could be
going on! Thanks!

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