The AutoCorrect Utility *is* a macro that you can use to back up

Re: Re: Autocorrect -- jjhamilton
by Cheryl Flanders 09/15/2009, 23:14:09 Reply Top Forum

and restore entries. Note the name of the file below for Word 2000. If you only do the backup portion, it will create a regular Word document that you can save and print. Again, if the macro (utility) glitches while running, it is most likely due to entries that are more than one line.

The *only* stores formatted entries. Those include entries that are more than one line or entries that are formatted with bold/italics/underline. The remainder of entries are stored in the .acl file.

The location of the utility depends upon your version of Word:

Word 97: (included with Word installation)
Word 2000: (must be downloaded from the Microsoft site)
Word 2002/2003: (included with Word installation)
Word 2007 no longer includes the AutoCorrect Utility

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