Version 9.40

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Version 9.40

We are very happy to introduce Instant Text version 9.40 and encourage you to download and install it.

The process of installing the latest build is very simple.
You download the latest installer (the URL is always the same).
You run it and answer Yes or OK to all questions.

It takes very little time.
Your settings and glossaries stay unchanged.
The installer just updates the IT9Pro exe.

Below you will find a few words about the most significant changes:

Glossary Viewer Tab Bar

The Glossary Viewer Tab Bar buttons have been revisited:

Glossary Viewer Tab Bar Scrolling

If you tend to have a lot of glossaries open in the Glossary Viewer you will love the Tab Bar Select Tab Button button which enables you to select the tab you want to view from an alphabetical list of all open tabs

Tab Bar Select Tab Menu

Instant Text Form Command

The Instant Text Form command is not just another command added to an already rich collection. :-)

It is a really powerful command which enables you to design your own forms, like the one below, to accept input in the middle of an expansion.

Instant Text Form example

If you look at the example in our help page, you will see that it introduces a new and very simple way to produce canned text.

Toggle Alignment Command

The ToggleAlignment command toggles the alignment to the current client application.

We think it is worth defining a hotkey that expands to:


because it enables you to cycle through the possible alignments very easily. You hit the defined hotkey several times in a row and the alignment changes clockwise:


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