What has changed since Instant Text 7

Re: Starting up -- jrslogintrouble
Posted by Marianne , 11/23/2022, 10:30:02 Reply Top of Thread Forum

among other enhancements is that you now can have multiple glossaries open in the Glossary Viewer. So when restarting Instant Text it not only loads the glossaries of the Glossary list that you want to have at your fingertips but also all the glossaries you left open in the Glossary Viewer.

In the Glossary Viewer you may want to close the glossaries you have opened from time to time. I noticed that I always end up having quite a lot of glossaries open there.

It is also recommended to check the Glossary Viewer before you decide to delete a glossary. It should not be referenced neither in the Glossary list - as in Instant Text 7 and 9, of course - and neither in the Glossary Viewer - as in Instant Text 9. Otherwise you will get a message "Cannot find glossary"!

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