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Re: Starting up -- jrslogintrouble
Posted by Emmanuel , 11/11/2022, 13:30:32 Reply Top of Thread Forum

As you noticed, at startup Instant Text loads a bunch of glossaries:

The Instant Text glossary ecosystem has several types of glossaries, active in parallel, while you type:

The Pick, Snippet and Variable glossaries are repositories for pick lists, snippets and variables that can be referenced inside expansions.

At an abstract level, a glossary can be seen as a set of glossary entries which establish a link between a key and an expansion, and the semantic of the key depends on the glossary type:

Glossary Type Key

Expansion Glossary


Shield Glossary


Hotkey Glossary


Typo Glossary


Pick Glossary

Pick name

Snippet Glossary

Snippet name

Variable Glossary

Variable name

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