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Re: Call for suggestions. Please participate ! -- Emmanuel
Posted by KarenS , 10/30/2022, 06:11:21 Reply Top of Thread Forum

I'd really love to see what others have to say about this, Emmanuel! I'm definitely curious if perhaps I'm unwittingly in a minority in not instinctively perceiving "Inline entries" as pertaining to only the direct entries that are native to the glossary you have open.

For anyone who may be wondering why it matters at all, if you have not yet made use of the #Prime glossary, I highly recommend you use it! It's awesome to have certain glossaries follow you around the IT landscape, no matter what. However, that means that those #Prime Includes glossaries could be affected if you choose any of the Mass options and select all entries.

So after I started using the #Prime glossary, I then had to use two steps to clear out the temp glossary - Select All, then Unmark Includes, which thankfully and helpfully, Emmanuel has gifted us with menu options for both. But I miss being able to do it in one step, so I requested a menu option to "Mark all except Includes." And that's what started this discussion.

When he first came back and said, "Sure, I can add a Mark Inline option, " I immediately responded with, "Not sure what that is, but just to be clear, I want to mark only the entries that are directly in the Temp glossary and no Includes." He said, "Yes, that's what Inline means." Oh!

So I suggested that might not be an intuitive name to anyone perusing the Mass options menu. And he's not in favor of a "negative term," which makes sense. And here we are. :) Of course, I understand now what Inline means, and I'm sure we could all learn the lingo. But I'll be curious what others have to say, and I appreciate that Emmanuel wants our input!

-Karen :)

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