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Re: Typing Context -- edove1
Posted by KarenS , 10/29/2022, 00:53:26 Reply Top of Thread Forum

Hi, edove -

Welcome to the wonderful Instant Text universe! As I read your message, a few questions come to mind. First of all, can you please clarify that you are using IT9 and not IT7 or IT8? There are different forums to deal with each version, and since they all differ a little (though IT8 and IT9 are almost identical), it's important to know, especially for your particular issue.

The second question I have is regarding your FTW hotkey. Your description is confusing. You said,

>>then hit my hotkey to pause/play FTW Transcriber (the ~/` key for me).

I use hotkeys myself (I've ONLY used hotkeys since the '90s), and I'm very familiar with how they work in most of the popular apps, and if I were to take a literal interpretation of your statement, it looks like you are pressing THREE keys: ~ / ` for Pause/Play, which is not possible.

Are you really trying to say you use the forward slash or some iteration of it - maybe Ctrl+/ or Alt+/ or something else? If it's the slash that is the issue, then here's what you need to do. I'm going to assume, since you posted in this forum, that you're using IT9.

1. While it was helpful to have two separate marker keys in the older version of IT that used two columns, since IT9 only uses one column, you only need one marker key. So to make sure you are only using one, mouse over to the upper-right corner of your Advisory Window and click on the gear icon, and then click Expansion Options. Make sure you only have one Marker chosen (most people use the semicolon). You don't need to have anything selected in the Expanders column. You can learn more about these options by clicking on the ? on the Advisory Window, then Contents, then search for Expanders. For now, as a long-time seasoned user I'm going to take the bold step to STRONGLY advise you to NOT use the Expander keys. :)

2. Next, mouse over to the Glossary list in your advisory window, and with your cursor hovering over your glossary name, right-click, then click on View Hotkey Glossary. My Hotkey glossary has been customized for so long, I've long forgotten what the default out-of-the-box list looks like. But basically, you want to look for a hotkey that says "& Reset Typing Context and evaluate each one to figure out if it is conflicting with your keyboarding behavior, and delete any that are problematic for you. Don't worry. If you decide you need it later, it's easy to add it back in again. Reset Typing Context is a very good feature to have, and the default setting works for most folks, but it's perfectly okay to tweak it as needed for your system.

I hope these tips work. If not, post again, and you're sure to get more tips from me or Emmanuel or Marianne or the other oh-so-helpful folks around here. I hope you grow to love IT as much as the rest of us do!

-Karen :)

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