WISH LIST: Snippets in Glossary Command file names?

Posted by KarenS , 10/29/2022, 00:14:12 Reply   Forum

My Very Dearest Emmanuel -

If you can make this happen, you will be the greatest hero of all time ... at least until I share the rest of the dozens of items on my wish list with you, and you snicker and shake your head and look at me like I've gone full-on Looney Tunes LOL.

Is it possible to allow Snippets to be used in all of the Glossary Command file name statements? I just had a sudden brick-in-the-head brainstorm tonight, as I was working on something else entirely, that this would be the perfect solution for a minor annoyance I've been trying to improve on for over a year. And after you gifted us with the wondrous new Edit Includes feature, this one issue now sticks out like a sore thumb LOL. And Snippets might be just the thing that can save the day!

So as best I can describe it, let's suppose I have bunch of glossary entries in my Hotkeys glossary and my Main Glossary that all point to a particular glossary. I'll call it MISC STUFF for demo purposes. These entries do all the iterations of adding entries to the MISC STUFF glossary - add as a word, add as a phrase, lowercase first word as word or phrase, add formatted entry, etc.

But let's say I've created a bunch of additional glossaries that are subsets of MISC STUFF, and I've decided to empty out MISC STUFF and make it a shell glossary and use the subset MISC STUFF glossaries as Includes under MISC STUFF. So today, I'll Include MISC STUFF - Susie. A few days later, I'll move Susie out of the way and Include MISC STUFF - Bob. And so on.

That works great - except for the fact that all of my pertinent Command Glossary entries and Hotkeys point to the main shell glossary MISC STUFF. So I've been using a few workarounds to deal with that, but I'm eager to find a better way and eliminate those steps.

So one possibility I'm envisioning is a pair of Snippets - the main/actual Snippet and an Edit Snippet entry to modify it - to reflect the subset glossary names - e.g., MISC STUFF - Susie, MISC STUFF - Bob, etc. And then I would modify all of my MISC STUFF glossary command entries so that instead of saying ...

filename = "Glossary\MISC STUFF.xglo"

... they would say something like ...

filename = {Snippet}misc-stuff-name{/Snippet}

... or something to that effect. Then, when I want to change to a different MISC STUFF glossary, I would have a glossary entry that first edits the "misc-stuff-name" Snippet, so I can change it, and then uses the Edit Includes command to change the MISC STUFF Includes to whichever one I've chosen - according to the "misc-stuff-name" Snippet. And from that point on, all of the other glossary command-centric entries (add to glossary, view glossary, etc.) that pointed to MISC STUFF - Bob, for example, yesterday, will now point to MISC STUFF - Sally until I change it again.

Does that make sense? I've been playing with it tonight for way longer than I'm willing to admit LOL, trying a bazillion different iterations of the Snippet content and "include file" command in the glossary commands, hoping to get lucky, but so far no luck.

I would be over-the-top happy if you could make this happen - either via my suggested way or some other way! And I'm sure others will too after I share the full details of the execution (I've provided a very general description here just to simplify the request, but the full vision is much more elaborate than this). If it's not doable, then it is what it is, and I'll cross that off my wish list. But one can dream!

-Karen :)

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