It's my No. 2 favorite thing about IT9!

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Emmanuel, you may or may not remember in the early beta days of IT8 and IT9, I tried IT9 for a very brief few days, and I hated it. Not just disliked it. HATED it. I'd been a happy-go-lucky 2-column, 2-marker kind of gal for over a decade, and I just couldn't wrap my head around the idea of cramming all the words and phrases into a single column. OMG. People are really liking this? Seriously, who thinks that's a good idea? The horror!

From that moment forward, I lived with a constant fear looming overhead that IT8 might disappear one day, and IT9 would be the only option. OMG. I can't even! I envisioned my rebel self starting a revolution and going down fighting LOL.

Fast-forward to a year-ish after that first intro to IT9, and I happened to post about the IT9 one-column option in one of my biz social media groups, along with my "I'm not a fan, but apparently, I'm in the minority" caveat.

Around that same exact time, fate intervened to have Margy and I working closely together on a shared transcription endeavor for a few months. In order for that process to work smoothly, it was critical that we be on the same page with our IT stuff. Imagine my horror when Margy informed me, ever so casually and innocently, that after seeing my comment in the biz group about IT9, she downloaded it, tried it, and loved it. OMG! This is not happening!

That threw a big wrench in the stew, in my mind, for our project, and I sat in a stupor for a few days, wondering how to make it all work without making more work for me to keep up with two versions of all the IT stuff I planned to share with her. So I (secretly very begrudgingly) downloaded the latest install of IT9 so that I could set it up to work with our project and be in sync with her, and to give it a second chance to make a first impression.

Well, lo and behold. I don't know what 'tude-spiked flavor of Kool-Aid my bossypants self was drinking the first time I tried it, but this second time around, the magic clicked right away, and I instantly found my IT9 happy space. And what do I love MOST about IT9 besides All The Things? The very thing I hated most about it when I tried it the first time: one column!

THIS. IS. GENIUS! Genius, I tell you!

So thank you, Dear Margy, for being the catalyst to my "I have seen the light" IT9 conversion!

And thank you, Dear Emmanuel, for always being one step ahead of us and giving us just what we need to make our IT space the happiest, most happening place in the keyboarding universe!

Long live IT9! :)

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