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Re: OH.EM.GEE! The Edit Glossary Includes feature = Heaven on steroids! -- KarenS
Posted by KarenS , 10/23/2022, 14:52:12 Reply Top of Thread Forum

Thanks for the kudos, Emmanuel, Margy, and Steve. Much appreciated!

Emmanuel, OMG, what a great idea about the Hotkeys glossary as well! One of my favorite hotkeys is Alt+D for deleting a glossary entry either from the Advisory window or the Glossary Viewer window.

Normally, that's a nonissue and doesn't interfere with any other app-centric behaviors ... until I'm in Windows Explorer, and even years after assigning and using the IT shortcut, I still go into autopilot and press Alt+D to move my cursor to the top window to capture the path and file name. I've long wished we had a way to toggle the Hotkeys on and off at will, and by golly, here it is. Yay! Yay! Yay!

I've now isolated the Delete Highlighted Expansion Entry hotkey into its own glossary, and I have two new entries to Include or un-Include it, as needed when I'm in Windows Explorer. Works like a charm. Thank you for that suggestion, Emmanuel. I'm really cooking with gas now!

Karen :)

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