Hotkeys or just short forms for action commands?

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Hotkeys are great. They are useful for actions frequently done such as to add a new entry
to your the glossary with the hotkey Alt =. However, it is easy to run out of hotkeys and
if you don't use them frequently, memorizing them is not so easy. Also typing hotkey
combinations which are way off the home row are quite finger twisting.

There are plenty of actions that can be done fast and easy just by typing a few letters:
opening the Option or Glossary menu or rapidly viewing any glossary of your Glossary list
(special glossaries included). The new Command menu offers you plenty of possibilities.

The command entries I have in mind are:

Short Expansion Description


{ToggleFocus}{Ctrl O}{NoSpacing}

Opens the OptionsáMenu


{ToggleFocus}{Ctrl G}{NoSpacing}

Opens the GlossaryáMenu


showSpecialGlossaries = "y"
variableName = "picked-glossary"
snippetName = "view-picked-glossary"

View a glossary
of the Glossary List

The last example I chose may seem more complicated. You will see, it is very convenient,
for instance, to view the Typo glossary. You type vag; and the special glossaries as well as
the ones in the Glossary list will appear in your expansion table. To select the Typo glossary
you just type the first letter t and the marker key to highlight and expand it. No need to
take your fingers off the keyboard.

It is always recommended to have your command entries grouped in a separate glossary.
To have these 3 entries available all the time regardless of the glossary you are working with,
consider adding them to your Prime glossary.

Of course, you can always change the short form to whatever you like.

Referenced commands:
Toggle Focus Command
Pick Active Glossary Command

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