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Re: Please check your expansion options -- Emmanuel
Posted by Sylkstream , 02/08/2022, 12:10:36 Reply Top of Thread Forum

Hi. I don't think I've explained it very well. You are right, I have checked the expanders and they are the same as I have always used. I can send a screenshot separately if you like.

The issue is that as I type letters to highlight an entry, the highlighter disappears at the third letter typed - expansions are still offered. My IT window has 5 lines. So type "cl" and the highlighter is sitting on (in my case) "cardinal ligament". I can then move the highlighter with Shift, Ctrl or pick a number on that first screen of 5 options and the highlighter moves as it should. However, if I type "cli" the Short/Expansion list changes to, in my case, "clivial" but the highlighter has disappeared and none of the expansion triggers work - I simply get, using the example I've given and using "/" as the marker, "cli/". I've also tried triggering with an Expander of ";" so that "clivial" should become "clivial;" but nothing happens.

However, if I use a line number, then irrespective of whether the highlighter is showing or not, the expansion works.

Happy to do a screen share if you want to see what it looks like - easier than trying to explain.

As IT9 was working fine on my Windows 10 laptop and the only real difference is I am on a Windows 11 laptop, it's easy to think Win11 might be the/an issue.

Regards, Lea.

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