Not recognizing new glossary entries on first attempt.

Posted by Debbie , 09/08/2021, 13:35:45 Reply   Forum

Good morning, I am having some major problems with ITP when I go to add a new glossary entry. I always highlight the word or phrase with my cursor controls, then use Alt+= to enter but when I do this now I am getting a list of letters that are actually the letter across the top of ITP ie:File, Home, Transfer, etc. Then I have to press ESC and start again. As you can imagine, this really slows me down.

It started after our company added ASR and I now have two separate log ons. I have my options set to classic for typing and it also changes the ASR options to classic and vice versa.

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening or if there is a fix? I have emailed support twice, but unfortunately one only one response and no other reply when I have tried to get help again.

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