Short Form Rule for 4-word phrases

Posted by Emmanuel ® , 09/06/2021, 04:43:23 Reply   Forum

We are happy to announce a new build [2021-09-05] with a little enhancement to the Short Form Rules for 4-word phrases.

In the previous version the only possible rule for 4-word phrases was to have the initials of the 4 words. The new version now adds the same flexibility for 4-Word phrases as for 2-Word or 3-Word phrases. 5-Word phrases and phrases with even more words are still covered using initials.

Short Form Rules

For those of you using very big glossaries with several hundred thousands of entries, defining a short form rule using not only initials for 4-word phrases helps reduce the number of homonym short forms.

The process of installing the latest build is very simple.
You download the latest installer (the URL is always the same).
You run it and answer Yes or OK to all questions.
It takes very little time.

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