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Re: Short form and Enrichment questions -- CarolG
Posted by Marianne ® , 08/17/2021, 17:55:26 Reply Top of Thread Forum

You may want to switch to version 8, InstantTextWNP (Words'nPhrases). As explained in the announcement on the Instant Text 7 Forum, version 8 keeps the Word and Phrase advisories and you can have the Glossary list in the middle.

As for the Enrich feature, indeed, it has been changed, and I think for the better. You can now use a command entry to enrich a glossary in a customizable way:
- enrich only with the words of the text you have on the clipboard that are not yet in your glossary,
- enrich them also with or only with the two-word or 3-word phrases,
- enrich them only with very long words,
- etc.
Just use the Enrich Glossary Command... in the Command → Glossary menu of the Add Glossary Entry window and choose the settings accordingly. Then assign a short form to this entry. If you want only words you put the Minimum Frequency for Phrases to 999. Different types of enrichments can be executed by different command entries with the appropriate settings. You type the short form and it executes the Enrich with the defined settings. It will be easier and faster than before, and you end up with a much leaner and more efficient glossary.

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