Compiling vs Importing

Re: Compiling glossary -- jrslogintrouble
Posted by Marianne , 04/30/2021, 15:51:54 Reply Top of Thread Forum

When you compile a glossary you have Instant Text analyze documents or text you copied to the clipboard. According to the compilation settings Instant Text will pick up the frequently used words and phrases and enrich the glossary you have open in the Glossary Viewer. It can be an existing glossary or a newly created glossary.

What you want to do, I guess, is importing and converting a list of words into an Instant Text glossary.
To do this please go to the Glossary Viewer=>File=>Import=>Text and select your list which should have
one word (or/and one phrase) per line. The list will be converted into a glossary following the short form rules indicated under Glossary Viewer=>Options=>Short Form Rules...

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