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Re: Extraction of entries from one glossary to create others -- GWrinkle
Posted by Emmanuel ® , 01/18/2021, 02:20:36 Reply Top of Thread Forum

To tranfer your "Doctor entries" to the two "Doctor Glossaries", I would suggest the following approach. First create two empty expansion glossaries
  • Doctors1.xglo
  • Doctors2.xglo
via Glossary Viewer → File → New (you will probably find better names for the "Doctor Glossaries").

Then you will use the Glossary Viewer → Edit → Mass Transfer menu item to transfer the "Doctor Entries" from your main glossary to your "Doctor Glossaries". In a first step, you can select all the block of entries with a short form of cclastname and mark them to be transferred to Doctors1.xglo (note that the Mass Transfer dialog supports multiple selection with the shift and arrows).

In a second step which will be a little bit more tedious, you will mass transfer from Doctors1.xglo to Doctors2.xglo to separate what belongs to each of the "Doctor Glossaries". I see no mechanical way to do this. You mentioned the ExtractLazyShiftEntries tool, lazy shift typos can be identified very easily because the short matches the expansion if you look at it without being sensitive to the case.

Once you have done this extraction, you will use the Includes feature as follows:

First make a copy of your main glossary from you which you just extracted all the "Doctor entries", so that you have:

  • Main1.xglo
  • Main2.xglo
You will work with main1 when you deal with doctor1 and main2 when you deal with doctor2.

All you will need to do is to include Doctors1 in Main1 and Doctors2 in Main2.

Then when you want to work with Doctor1 you will Switch to Glossary Main1 and when you want to work with Doctor2 you will Switch to Glossary Main2.

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