Extraction of entries from one glossary to create others

Posted by GWrinkle , 01/17/2021, 23:08:07 Reply   Forum

A few years ago, I started on two hospital accounts that regularly referenced and cc'd other doctors. Every time I would have to look up a doctor's name online, I would create a glossary entry for that doctor. All the entries are entered as "cclastname". One account has the entries formatted as "cc: first last, M.D." and the other account has the entries formatted as "first mi last, M.D. specialty".

These are all entries in my one big main glossary... probably 500 doctors or so in total (some doctors with multiple entries / different spellings because I always wrong-guess the spelling of their names)

Anyway, I don't switch back and forth between the accounts constantly... I'll work in one for many hours before switching. I was wondering:

1. You mentioned an extract tool for lazy shifts. Do you have an extract tool that would allow me to extract each of two lists of doctors into two new glossaries?

2. Assuming I can extract the doctors to the two glossaries, if I have two glossaries open (my main glossary, and one of the "cc" glossaries), is there any way to see those cc entries in the expansion table mixed in with the main glossary entries without any extra keystrokes?

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