ITP9 - some early issues I am seeking solutions for

Posted by Kim Griffith , 01/15/2021, 22:35:28 Reply   Forum

Hi Emmanuel and Marianne, hope you are both keeping well.

I only just installed ITP9 in the last couple of days, but already I am finding that I have a few problems, some of which relate to the conversion of glossary entries from ITP8, but there are others also which I am hopeful you will be able to suggest fixes for.

I have taken some screen shots which I will email to you.

1) I had/have spent an enormous amount of time editing entries that include numbers to take the numbers out of the short so that it does not complicate the selection of phrases (using numerical keys), where the numbers may appear within the phrase or at the end of a phrase. It would appear that, in the conversion, ITP9 has picked up all those numbers again in the shorts... Which is very frustrating. It would be great if there was a fix for this.

2) I also have spent an enormous amount of time putting two word phrases into the list for "words" rather than phrases as I found this much more efficient rather than having lots and lots of entries in the phrases glossaries and having to go through the list to find the appropriate entry. Two word phrases, such as "Down syndrome" for example, would just come up in the words list as I continued to type in the individual characters. Indeed I have done the same with quite a number of three word phrases (eg. fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva) I also note that if I try to save two word phrases (which is an ongoing thing), I have to go back and edit the entry to be added to, for example, "Down_syndrome", so I have to put that underscore in manually. Is there a way to make that happen automatically? Previously I would just add the 2 or 3 word phrase and delete the second and/or third letter in the short, but now I have to put in that underscore manually when adding two or three word phrases. It would be great if there was a recipe that could do this automatically in this scenario.

3) Finally, it would appear that when I choose to edit an entry (in order to create a new one by selecting text in an existing phrase and cut/pasting to create a new entry), I am unable to select ALL the text which I could previously do, allowing me to create an additional new entry using "Add". For example, if I have an entry like "with {wrap} {Pick} his_or_her{/Pick}{Wrap} {Wrap} {Pick}fam{/Pick}{Wrap} in clinic today, I might wish to copy that and put in my pick list for 'grand_fam'(which includes all the options for grandparents in my case) rather than the existing entry using 'fam', but I am unable to select and copy all the text in that entry, which does save time when I replace pick list "fam" with pick list "grand_fam"... I hope that all makes sense.....
Of course, I would appreciate any assistance you are able to offer.

Have sent you an email with screen shots attached

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