Interested in an interactive glossary entry.

Posted by GWrinkle , 01/15/2021, 21:39:59 Reply   Forum

Okay. Here is one I have thought about, that I am sure your software has an answer to, but I would not know where to begin: I have a doctor who dictates the same list of lab values all the time. (I'm sure you know where I'm going with this.) I already have this as a glossary entry:

Sodium , potassium , chloride , bicarb , glucose , calcium , BUN , creatinine , total bilirubin , AST , ALT , alkaline phosphatase , total protein , albumin , WBC , hemoglobin , hematocrit , platelets ,000.

After everything is typed, at the end the cursor backs up to the "sodium" entry and I type that lab value. Then I "right arrow" to the next entry and type that, so on and so forth.

I'm envisioning an entry where this doctor starts dictating the lab values, and I just type "140 [next key] 3.8 [next key] 105 [next key]..." and so on to the end, while the glossary entry types "sodium [pause for input], potassium [pause for input], chloride [pause for input],..."

Can you show me how this is done?

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