You an also define expansions for a.m. and p.m.

Re: This worked great. Now one more problem... a.M. -- GWrinkle
Posted by Emmanuel ® , 01/15/2021, 06:06:19 Reply Top of Thread Forum

Why not define the following expansions:

am => a.m.
pm => p.m.

So that you don't have to type the periods at all?

As you use the space bar to expand, for am you have the problem that it collides with a real word but you should be aware that the Shield Glossary protects you against unwanted expansions.

Define am => a.m. and type I am happy, do not worry, you will NOT end up with I a.m. happy ..... thanks to the Shield Glossary.

Indeed when you want to type 9 a.m. you will type 9 am2{Space}, the 2 is to select the second line displayed in your expansion table.

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