I have found a subtle way to deal with this

Re: The dash can only trigger an "expansion" (i.e. correction) when using -- Marianne
Posted by Emmanuel , 01/15/2021, 01:40:57 Reply Top of Thread Forum

You can create the following entries for commonly used prefixes in your Typo glossary:

cross => cross{ResetTypingContext}
mid => mid{ResetTypingContext}
non => non{ResetTypingContext}
self => self{ResetTypingContext}

The ResetTypingContext directive tells Instant Text to reset the Typing Context.

As Marianne mentioned the Escape key also resets the typing context.

The advantage of the solution I propose eliminates the need to type Escape.

When you will type type mid-, upon typing the dash it will be corrected into mid-
with the side effect that the typing context has been reset
which allows you to type a new abbreviation for a new expansion immediately after the hyphen.

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