The dash can only trigger an "expansion" (i.e. correction) when using

Re: Expansion problems with L3-L4, mid-September, high-normal -- GWrinkle
Posted by Marianne , 01/14/2021, 21:30:10 Reply Top of Thread Forum

entries in the Typo glossary. So you would have to add nx->normal and sep->September into your Typo glossary.

As for the L3-L4 you should get it by typing l3dashl4space as l4 is also in the Typo glossary.

When you type a string like "mid" the dash does not trigger an expansion in your regular glossary for the reasons Emmanuel explained.

Now if you want to get an expansion right after "mid-" you need to press the Escape key to reset the context so Instant Text knows you are starting a new short form. As long as you haven't typed a space the reset is not done, but you don't want the space. That's why you have to use the Escape key.

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