You can create a hotkey to open the Typo glossary

Re: Is there a keyboard shortcut to add a typo glossary entry? -- GWrinkle
Posted by Marianne , 01/12/2021, 22:39:10 Reply Top of Thread Forum

Right-click on the glossary list and click on View Hotkey glossary.
In the Add window go to Command->Glossary and click on View Typo Glossary and assign a hotkey of your choice.

In the Command->Glossary menu you have also an Add Glossary Entry... command that you can use.

There are different ways of creating a fast way to enter typos.

I have the following glossary entry in my regular glossary:

{Ctrl Shift Left}{Wrap}
{Ctrl C}{Wrap}
{Alt A}{Wrap}
{Ctrl V}{Wrap}
{Shift Tab}{Wrap}

It chains several commands: copying my new typo, opening the Typo glossary and adding the typo into the Typo box. All I have to do is adding the correction.

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