Weird changes in capitalization

Posted by GWrinkle , 01/11/2021, 02:40:50 Reply   Forum

I'm assuming this is Instant Text and not a Microsoft Word capitalization thing, because I only just started seeing this after installing Instant Text last week.

When I type oncologic TNM values, Instant Text makes edits to the capitalization.

For example, I just typed T1bN0, and Instant Text changed it to T1Bn0. Nothing popped up on the Instant Text window, so I suppose it is from the typo list or something. I saw it happen before with a different set of TNM letters, and I forgot to mention it here, otherwise I would have a second example of letter combinations. But anyway... not sure that it is about, but wanted you to know it is happening. (Again, I'm assuming it is not Microsoft Word doing this.)

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